We publish articles on healthcare, b2b data, lead generation, Apac Data Intelligence, and email automation. Please look through our Ampliz Blogs blog before you submit your ideas.

Note, we do not publish press releases or company-specific news. We only publish useful, practical content. If you would like to contribute to our blog, send three article ideas and outlines to muthukumar.v@ampliz.com for approval before you start writing.

To make sure your article is accepted as soon as possible, follow these guidelines. Please, only submit ready-to-publish articles (i.e. edited, proofread, formatted according to the guidelines). If we accept your article, please be patient – the article will be published no earlier than 2 weeks after we accept it. 


Our readers may be professionals, but they are still people. Make sure your text is readable and easy-to-understand:

  • Try to keep your sentences under 20 words.
  • Separate text through paragraphs, each approximately under 500 symbols.
  • Use bullet points and lists to make your text more telegraphic.
  • Create one-in-a-kind content. We only accept articles with the uniqueness of 95% and higher.
  • Break big blocks of text with visual content or statistics.
  • Make sure all the sentences and paragraphs are logically connected and more complicated connections are explained.
  • Our main audience is the United States. Adjust accordingly.

Links and Cost

  • You can include 2 links leading to your blog. When we publish the article, only one of the links will be dofollow. In your request, specify the company you represent and which link is to be dofollow.
  • You must include at least 2 links to relevant Ampliz articles.
  • You can insert as many links to other relevant sources as you need (for example, to statistics sources or research results). Avoid self-promotion in the article. 
  • We charge 100$ for guest posting

Visual media

  • We love infographics, funny GIFs, and other visual content in the article body.
  • Please attach pictures in PNG format. The width is 1200*630 px.
  • Upload all the files for the article to a Google Drive folder and give us access to it (share to muthukumar.v@ampliz.com). 


  • Your article should be longer than 2,000 words.
  • Capitalize every word of the title. Capitalize only the first word of the subheading titles.
  • When formatting the text, use H1, H2, H3 (and H4, if absolutely necessary) styles. H1 is the article title and should only appear in the article once.
  • The title of the article should be under 70 characters and contain your primary keyword.
  • Include a short author’s bio at the end of the article. Try to keep it under 40 words.


  • Please specify the keywords you’ll be using in the article (primary, secondary, and LSI if any).
  • Use the primary keyword in the title.
  • Use the secondary keyword in H2.
  • Please make sure the first 100 words of the article contain the primary keyword, secondary keyword, and the full article title.
  • Use the secondary keyword and LSI throughout the text.
  • In the same doc as the article, include a meta description that will explain what the article is about in under 160 characters. Include the secondary keyword in the meta description.